Brits considering a vehicle upgrade, but not looking to break the bank have been advised on affordable tech upgrades. The motoring experts at have revealed the best tech additions to give cars or vans a modern edge.

Installing car components can be a difficult task and going to a specialist can often be off-putting due to how expensive they can be. However there are many products now that can be installed into most vehicles with little to no hassle. From virtual assistants to onboard Wi-Fi, there is a whole host of options to consider when choosing the best and most affordable way to upgrade a vehicle.

“A lot of people can’t afford to buy a brand new vehicle with all the latest technology, but there are a few ways in which you can bring your vehicle up to date with some readily available gadgets. It’s important from a cost perspective that you can implement technology into your car from home as this can save a lot of money in comparison to a complex technological upgrade,” said a spokesperson for

Six easy tech upgrades for your vehicle

Virtual HUD

By using a holographic screen to display your vehicle’s speed, map directions, calls and message notifications, this addition can make your vehicle feel ten years younger. Not only this, but it allows you to remain safe by keeping your eyes on the road and not get distracted by your phone.

Bluetooth key tracker

For those of us that are prone to losing our keys, this is finally an answer to the question: where did you last have them? There are many products on the market to choose from, most are a small device that you can attach to your set of keys and track them via a bluetooth app. A basic tracker can start from around £10 and is great for that extra peace of mind.

Security camera

Most older vehicles- vans in particular- have dated security features that can easily be manipulated by modern technology. Getting an advanced camera system is a sleek and discreet way of covering all angles of your vehicle. Purchasing a plug in device allows for an easier installation. Look for a gadget that boasts dual dashcams, live GPS, trip sharing and even time lapses to get the most complete system. This bit of tech is ideal for van owners who keep valuables in their vehicle overnight and usually comes at a very modest price point.

Car health monitor

Instead of waiting for the dreaded MOT to swing around every year, getting your hands on a car health monitor helps to identify problems at the first sign. Generally this device plugs into the OBD II port and uses its predictive algorithm whilst driving to measure your car’s data so that you’re never left with any surprises. You can pick up a well-rounded health monitor device for around £50.

Wifi hotspot

The last place you want your mobile data to be running low is on a long car journey. Having a wifi hotspot plug in your vehicle is a cost-effective way of making sure you’re always connected in comparison to the fees network providers charge. You can pick up a 12v Wi-Fi dongle for around £40, all you have to do is insert your SIM card and you’re away.

Air purifier

Now not a lot of modern vehicles have this feature as standard, so by purchasing a plug-in air purifier you can give your ride a premium feel without paying a premium price. Most versions of this device start from around £20 and slot into your vehicle’s 12v charging port. It is a great addition if you have often have passengers, pets or smokers in your vehicle and you want to get rid of unwanted smells and airborne pollutants.