Managing Director of MAN Truck & Bus UK welcomes new product


Simon Elliott Managing Director of MAN Truck & Bus UK says there are exciting times ahead with the launch of a new range of van.

The much-anticipated MAN TGE will be revealed at the IAA Commercial Vehicle Show, in Hanover.

Positive demand is already expected for the vehicles, which will offer a choice of specifications.

The new product will offer various power ranges with front, rear and four-wheel drive and a choice of transmissions, producing a vehicle to meet all van drivers’ needs.

It is anticipated that the new product will allow for further development of the UK Dealer Network.

Mr Elliott, the former Managing Director of Volkswagen Light Commercial Vehicles, said: “Customers have repeatedly asked me about the possibility of an MAN van, so it’s great to be able to confirm that we are in the market.

“This new addition to our range puts another building block in place for our future.

“We are keen to offer the HGV approach to repair and maintenance for our customers by reducing operator downtime.”

Mr Elliott added that when he worked for VW, his ethos was ‘van people, talking van language to van customers’.

“That belief has not changed,” he stressed. “Having the right product with the right strategy, backed by a great dealer network who understand what customers want, will be key to the success of the MAN TGE range.

“I am confident that our new product will do very well in a competitive market. The next few years are going to be very exciting.”

Mr Elliott has already appointed Andrew Taylor to head up the MAN van project to produce a vehicle offering that really resonates with customers.