Ayjay Group, an electrical services business, has improved project turnaround and call-out response time after implementing a telematics system from Masternaut, one of Europe’s leading telematics providers.

Masternaut’s telematics solution is operating across Ayjay Group’s fleet of vans, enabling the business to track and schedule its engineers while they are travelling to various customer locations and at the office.

Monitoring its fleet of vans across the UK, the telematics platform helps to provide quicker response times for customers, fuel usage information, driver behaviour information and dynamic scheduling. The technology allows the HR team to monitor the activity of staff, such as duration at each job, vehicle speed, and driver behaviour and its associated issues to see if training is required.

The system allows Ayjay Group to be proactive, showing which engineers are closer to a call-out, in order to divert the closest engineer and save time and fuel. The system enhances customer relationships by supporting the high standard of delivery and performance, and by aiding employee relationships, as the company can connect and keep in touch with engineers and their activity. As a result Ayjay Group has seen a percentage increase in project turnaround time and call-out response time.

Ayjay Group is committed to a number of CSR activities encouraging businesses to find energy solutions to reduce their energy consumption. Having a telematics system in place supports this ethos by helping to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

“Our business as a whole is growing and with that in mind it’s more important than ever to have systems that enable us to have visibility and control of our growing fleet of engineers,” commented Andrew Hall, Director, Ayjay Group. “We have a brilliant office support team who are able to use Masternaut’s solution to allocate jobs faster and more accurately than we could have done before. From a scheduling perspective we can access the system to create reports and track project times historically, that will tell us how long a project took, how long it took to get there and when the job was completed.”

“Knowing that we can grow our workforce and invest in facilities, vehicles and equipment that will help develop employees to be the best that they can means we are confident we offer our customers the best possible solution; both now and in the future,” concluded Andrew Hall.

 Steve Towe, Chief Commercial Officer and UK Managing Director, Masternaut added, “As a proactive business, it’s important for Ayjay Group to actively control the work that comes in and the work it delivers. Telematics technology is a key component for this and is helping Ayjay Group to manage this effectively, supporting the work processes. As the business continues to grow, telematics will be a key tool to help keep control over the progress of work and driver behaviour.”