Masternaut Connect 2

Telematics Helps Take Elevator Engineering Services To The Next Level

Elevator Engineering Services (EES UK), a leading engineering and manufacturing firm specialising in supporting the lift and elevator industry across the UK, has adopted a telematics solution from Masternaut to reduce costs.

The Northampton based support provider has a UK wide team of mobile workers in the Midlands, London and South of England, and works with renowned lift industry leaders such as Kone and Otis. EES UK specialises in areas such as lift CCTV and security systems, lighting and electrical equipment, fire regulation compliance, shaft steelwork, entrance-ways and flooring, and lift removal.

Using Masternaut’s next generation Masternaut Connect telematics platform, EES UK has access to a complete solution for vehicle tracking, driver monitoring and payroll information that is helping the business at every level.

The operations and fleet teams have seen vehicle idling fall drastically, with instances of idling reduced by 90% in the past year alone thanks to feedback given to drivers. Other driver behaviour such as speeding and harsh events are being closely monitored too, with staff given feedback about poor driving behaviour. For the finance team, this has helped to save a significant amount in fuel expenditure.

The HR team now receives accurate timesheets as a result of the Connect system giving detailed times about when staff started and finished work, as well as when they arrived on jobs. This has made the payment of overtime and general payroll more accurate.

Ray Brown, UK Commercial Director at Elevator Engineering Services commented: “Our industry is all about precision and safety – there can be no failures when it comes to elevators. We take the same approach to our mobile workforce. The date Masternaut has been vital in maintaining a safe, productive workforce on the move.”

He continued, “In addition, Masternaut has helped us to extend the life of our vehicles, by helping us to educate our drivers on how to drive more effectively. We don’t know what we’d do without Masternaut anymore; the service has helped us to create efficiency savings that have made the investment well worthwhile.”

Martin Hiscox, CEO of Masternaut, added: “It’s great to see telematics having an effect across the business at EES UK, from the finance department to the HR team. The technology has applications far beyond simple vehicle tracking as it’s more commonly known for. Timesheets, payroll, fuel reduction, driver behaviour improvement – the list goes on, and EES UK is just one example of how telematics can be utilised to become a key piece of business technology.”