For 100 years now STILL has taken on responsibility for employees, customers and above all for the environment. Against this background, the Hamburg-based intralogistics provider supports the reforestation project PLANT-MY-TREE. On Wednesday, November 18, 2020, the first of a total of 1,000 trees were planted in the reforestation area in Hohenaspe near Itzehoe. There, on the “STILL woodland”, they will grow in peace for at least 100 years and compensate for harmful emissions. 

Environmental protection is currently one of the most important issues in the logistics industry and the subject of lively discussion in the industry. The Hamburg-based STILL GmbH turns words into deeds and actively participates in the PLANT-MY-TREE project, which contributes to CO2 compensation with nationwide reforestation campaigns.

“We wanted to do our part regarding the extremely important topic of sustainability and were looking for appropriate opportunities,” reports Michael Quest, Head of the STILL Branch Hanover/Bielefeld, on how the participation in the project came about. Sven Budelmann, his Sales Manager, brought up the reforestation activities of the PLANT-MY-TREE initiative.

“We were immediately inspired by this idea, and the decision to sponsor 1,000 trees quickly matured,” says Michael Quest, adding: “In my opinion, the preservation of an intact environment is the basis of the existence of all of us. Accordingly, we feel an obligation to use natural resources responsibly. This is a principle that STILL already observes when developing new products by considering their impact on the environment at an early stage”.

Do good and spread the word

However, there is more to it: the customers of the main branch in Hanover/Bielefeld are to have a share in the environmental protection campaign. “Customers who ordered new electric forklift trucks from us and shut down their IC engine-powered forklifts in return received personalised tree certificates as a small thank-you. These certificates can be displayed prominently at their company premises and thus underline their environmentally conscious attitude and actions,” explains Sven Budelmann. The STILL Branch Manager and his Sales Manager plan to give away further tree certificates during the upcoming Christmas season to those customers who remained loyal to them in recent months during the Corona crisis.

No participation in tree planting

His attitude towards ecology also prevented Michael Quest from personally participating in today’s tree planting campaign in Hohenaspe. Quest: “Of course, we would all have loved to have been there and taken a look at the site where our 1,000 trees will now stand watch for at least 100 years. But for this we would have had to travel several hours to get there. This, however, is anything but ecological and contradicts our attitude towards climate protection”. For this reason, Mikinari Oki, Head of the Hamburg/Bremen Branch, and Andre Jacques, Regional Service Manager, were on site as official representatives of STILL GmbH during the tree planting campaign in Schleswig-Holstein.