Trojan Utilities, a smart meter installation and maintenance company, has reduced its fuel usage by 24% after implementing a telematics system from Masternaut, one of Europe’s leading telematics providers.

Trojan Utilities implemented telematics across its 100-plus strong fleet of commercial vans, with the system used for a range of purposes by multiple departments across the business.

The Masternaut system provides Trojan with in-depth driver behaviour monitoring, looking at speeding, mileage and harsh events, helping Trojan to determine the effect various improvements have on fuel usage. The system is also used to dispatch engineers to proactively plan jobs and reactive emergency installs. The two-way messaging system allows engineers and Trojan Utilities to import contact numbers and communicate whilst out in the field too.

Since installation, Masternaut’s system has helped deliver a reduction in fuel usage through dynamic scheduling and improved driver behaviour. Reducing harsh events, idling and miles driven by each driver has seen a drop in fuel usage of 24%.

Driver behaviour overall has seen a major improvement, helping make Trojan Utilities’ mobile workforce and other road users more safe. This is highlighted by a 97% reduction in instances of speeding.

As of May 2015, Trojan Utilities has installed over 160,000 smart meters, a figure that is rising by over 2,500 meters per week, with telematics helping it to manage that level of installations on a long-term basis. By 2020, every home in the UK is projected to be able to use smart meter technology to see how much energy a household is using and manage it more effectively.

 Gemma Openshaw, Operations Director, Trojan Utilities commented, “Masternaut has become essential to our business, because the system offered us everything we needed in one package. The system is used every day and we can’t operate without it. Without Masternaut, our fuel bill would be much higher so the system is effectively paying for itself. As a business, we’re operating in a challenging sector and the system has helped us cope with the rigours of installing in excess of 2,500 meters per week. That figure is only going to rise as we get closer to 2020, but with Masternaut, we’re confident that we’ll continue to stay ahead of the curve in the growing demand for smart meters.”

Steve Towe, Chief Commercial Officer and UK Managing Director, Masternaut added: “The smart meter technology roll out is scheduled to be completed by 2020, and with millions of properties across the country needing them installed, this is certainly a significant challenge for all involved.”

He continues, “Telematics is giving Trojan Utilities a significant edge in managing this task, giving fleet managers total control and visibility of their fleet UK wise. In addition, the Masternaut system is providing benefits in the form of reduced fuel usage and improved driver behaviour, reducing costs and improving driver welfare. With the growing demand for smart meters set to rise the closer we get to 2020, telematics will no doubt continue to assist Trojan Utilities as it works tirelessly to give people more accurate bills.”