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Selsia Launches Re-Home
Selsia Vehicle Accident Centres has launched Selsia Re-Home, a vehicle inspect and repair management service, to satisfy the vehicle relocation requirements of its growing list of fleet clients.
Using a specially developed software application within its Selsia Central online platform and strategically placed repairers from its approved network, Re-Home is proving to be an extremely cost effective and efficient fleet management service for Selsia’s growing mix of fleet clients.
Due to the nature of their businesses, many of Selsia’s clients have to move cars and vans around the UK between projects and internally, between individual businesses and departments. However, prior to being valeted and re-homed, the vehicles need to be inspected and have bodywork damage rectified. In addition, checks need to be carried out on tyres, windscreens and fluid levels as well as arranging servicing where required.
For busy fleets, this type of activity can be very time consuming and require extensive logistical input. Selsia Re-Home alleviates this problem by managing the entire process online. Vehicles requiring re-homing can be uploaded by Selsia’s clients directly onto the online platform where the approved repairers are automatically notified to arrange delivery. Estimates, images, authorisations, key milestone dates and client specific documentation can be managed online with access by all interested parties.
As with every service Selsia introduces to its clients, the objective is always to reduce cost, administration and vehicle off road times. Selsia Re-Home fits perfectly into these criteria.