Peter Church

Sealed For Life Forklift Chain Rollers Cut Downtime

Industrial leaf chain specialist, FB Chain Ltd, has developed and launched a new ‘Sealed For Life’ chain roller that reduces forklift downtime and increases the time between forklift service intervals.

Unlike conventional designs, the new FB Chain ‘Sealed For Life’ roller does not require greasing: thanks to its self-lubricating bearings and state-of-the-art sealing technology , the roller’s lubrication remains where it is needed – inside and on the working surface of the chain roller itself.

Peter Church, managing director of FB Chain Ltd, commented: “Forklift engineers often need to access the top of the truck’s mast to lubricate chain rollers. With taller masts – the tops of which can be some considerable height from the floor – this can present a problem.

`’We discussed this issue with one of our bearing suppliers and they were able to show us  new bearing technology that we have adopted in the design of our new chain rollers.

“Trucks fitted with FB’s ‘Sealed for Life’ rollers will require infrequent or even zero maintenance, which is good news for both the truck user and forklift service engineers who will spend less time struggling to lubricate hard to access chain rollers.”

The new FB ‘Sealed-for-life’ rollers have been extensively tested and can withstand over 60,000 cycles when lifting a 4-tonne load to a range of heights.

Following successful trials, one of FB’s forklift manufacturer clients has announced that it will be using the new rollers on all of its new machine designs.

And, because the improvements in maintenance and operating performance offered by the new rollers is so significant, the same company is also reverse engineering its existing truck designs to allow the new chain pulleys to be adopted across its entire range.

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