UK trailer manufacturer SDC will be unveiling its ground-breaking new Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) semi-trailer at the IAA Commercial Vehicle Show in Germany later this month. The event will see the European debut of the vehicle as it is displayed to audiences in Hannover.

SDC’s KERS trailer is a world first for its unique design and eco-friendly abilities, and has been shortlisted for the prestigious trailer innovation award in the ‘concept’ category which will be announced at the IAA event.

Engineering Manager, Jimmy Dorrian believes that the revolutionary KERS trailer is set to modernise the future of road freight transportation with “considerable benefits for the operator, the customer and the environment.”

The company launched the first KERS trailer at the CV show in Birmingham earlier this year. A prototype of the fuel saving unit is currently under-going road trials by logistics operator Eddie Stobart. The innovative technology can deliver a reduction in fuel consumption by up to 25% and by doing so can significantly reduce HGV emissions of CO2 and NOx. SDC have announced that the technology could save operators up to £10,978 annually on fuel expenditure.

SDC CEO Mark Cuskeran said, of the company’s recent record trailer sales: “The IAA Commercial Vehicle show was a great success for us in 2014, providing an opportunity to touch base with our current customers and operators from further afield. The Hannover show is one of the key events for our industry, with people travelling from around the globe to source the leading solutions for mobility, transportation and logistics.”

The IAA Commercial Vehicle event will be held over eight days at the Deutsche Messe Fairgrounds Convention Centre in Hannover. SDC will hold a press conference at 1:30pm on Thursday 22nd September and the trailer innovation award presentation will take place the following day, Friday 23rd September.