A telematics retrofit programme that can turn any reefer into a ‘smart’ trailer has been launched by Schmitz Cargobull UK and Ireland. The TrailerConnect system offers real-time monitoring of temperature, tyre condition, trailer location and security and can now be easily retrofitted to any reefer from any manufacturer, after previously only being available on new Schmitz Cargobull EXECUTIVE trailers.

Operators are able to transform their assets into a fleet of ‘smart’ trailers, providing them with real-time transport data and enabling them to make intelligent decisions to improve efficiency and reduce operating costs. Meanwhile, those already using the system can expand its use to the entirety of their fleet.

“Our telematics system gives complete visibility of everything that matters on your trailer during transport and now it’s available for any asset, regardless of who was the original manufacturer,” said Simon Mols, Sales Manager at Telematics and Services, Schmitz Cargobull UK and Ireland. “With our system, we provide real-time information on trailers, so you can monitor driver habits and optimise routing – and then use that data to help cut your operating costs.”

The system can be fitted at any of Schmitz Cargobull’s specially trained Service Partners across the UK and Ireland, who provide a complete installation and training package.

Schmitz Cargobull has expanded its telematics capabilities in anticipation of a new generation of senior managers focused on the latest technology: “Many more commercial transport companies are now being led by people who have grown up with smartphones and real-time information at their fingertips. Our telematics system gives those managers that power and insight on their own fleet operations, so they can make smart decisions based on data from their smart trailers,” said Simon.

Schmitz Cargobull UK and Ireland is a subsidiary company of the German-owned Schmitz Cargobull Group. With an annual production of some 58,000 vehicles and around 5,800 employees, Schmitz Cargobull AG is Europe’s leading manufacturer of semi-trailers, truck bodies and trailers for temperature-controlled freight, general cargo and bulk goods.