SATO has underpinned its leading range of labelling solutions with the launch of its new PV4 mobile printer, a next-generation mobile printer aimed at providing operators with enhanced efficiency across supply chains. The global leader in the development of auto-ID and labelling solutions has designed the printer for on-the-go tasks across a wide range of fast-paced environments where performance and precision are crucial, such as logistics and distribution centres.

Within the transport and logistic industry, the slightest operational errors can heavily impact delivery schedules. These sectors, and many others, can fall victim to poor-quality and inaccurate labelling systems that can result in reduced customer satisfaction. The PV4 is a solution that aims to combat these issues and provides professionals with significant efficiency, productivity and sustainability gains across a wide range of market sectors.

“We are excited to announce the launch of our new mobile printer, the PV4. This next-generation solution is the latest edition to the SATO portfolio of printers that aim to provide users with added value and significantly optimise their operational capabilities,” commented Laurent Lassus, SATO Europe Managing Director.

This latest printer is lightweight, hard-wearing and compact, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor environments. It also possesses multiple printing interface options to enable high-quality, quick and cost-effective printing operations for a variety of fast-paced situations.

The PV4 provides users with quick printing speeds of 5ips and maintains a print resolution of 203dpi to enable the highest quality label production. The labelling solution also incorporates built-in third-party emulation software, which allows it to be seamlessly integrated into existing workflows without disruption to operations or productivity.

“At SATO, we are continuously striving to innovate as an organisation, and this latest printer release enables our customers to join us on that journey. The PV4 is a truly flexible and durable solution that not only demonstrates our commitment to business improvement but also aligns perfectly with our creative ethos,” added Laurent.

PV4 is the new product of PV series and covers the range of the 3″ and 4″ printer family. It is also capable of printing more information on labels when compared to the PV3 or PW2NX mobile printers available from SATO.

The printer also significantly outperforms the company’s MB4 printer. The PV4 possesses faster print speeds, better WIFI connection and Bluetooth interface performance in comparison. The new mobile printer has also been drop tested to 1.8 metres and has four times more battery capacity to provide longer usage time.