Roadsense has  launched Roadwatch Live, a high-reliability fleet camera system that provides almost instant video retrieval, overcoming the issues of using SD card-only systems.

Roadwatch Live uses on-board, non-volatile memory and it immediately records and simultaneously sends video of events such as accidents, harsh cornering, braking and acceleration to the Roadsense servers from where they can be immediately viewed. It provides real-time incident notification to users and it has a dedicated Roadsense system module that allows it to be deployed as a stand-alone system with instant access to pre and post event video footage, or as a fully-integrated part of the Roadsense telematics system.

Either option provides reports detailing the captured events showing the time, location and telemetry data, together with the ability to drill-down to view the video footage in just one click.

A unique feature of the system is that, when integrated into the Roadsense telematics platform, it can also provide footage of events monitored by the on-board telematics system such as speeding, door openings or on entering specific locations. In addition it provides driver behaviour information that is used to populate the Roadsense safety module, providing information to help improve driving styles and reduce fuel use, maintenance costs and emissions.

Andrew Tillman, Managing Director of Roadsense said, “The industry is realising the limitations of SD based-cameras. While they are great value for smaller fleets, SD cards were never designed for continuous long-term recording. The management of the cards can become overwhelming for fleet managers of mid to large size fleets as the cards require frequent maintenance to ensure their integrity, otherwise there is a real risk of the footage you need not being there.”

“Our new Roadwatch Live system overcomes these limitations and provides the highest reliability camera system available, with many additional features that give value over and above a simple accident camera. The fact that there is no need to access the vehicle to retrieve the video footage saves time and uncertainty and allows proof of liability to be determined quickly and reliably”.

The system has been shown to reduce accident frequency by over 50% and the cost of accidents that do still occur by over 24%, providing major cost and insurance benefits in addition to efficiency improvements as a result of improved driver behaviour.