The RHA has today launched a mass petition to restore law and order in Calais, to put an end to Operation Stack and to stop the misery for hundreds of thousands of holiday makers planning to cross the Channel.

RHA Chief Executive Richard Burnett said: “I am calling for everybody in the country to sign the on-line petition at as every name added makes our campaign stronger.”

The effects of the current crisis at the Port of Calais are having an intolerable effect on the UK and its haulage industry.

For those who have no alternative but to travel through Calais, the threat of violence and harassment from migrants, intent on reaching the UK is unacceptable.

On this side of the Channel, Operation Stack has seen in excess of 5000 vehicles parked up, simply waiting to cross to France. The cost to the haulage industry alone is massive and the corresponding problems caused to the people of Kent have become untenable.

Businesses are suffering and the county has already become gridlocked from traffic that has been diverted from the M20. Lives are at risk as healthcare workers are unable to visit the sick and many retailers are facing unsustainable losses as a result of failed or late deliveries or stock shortages.