Revolution Wheels International, the UK-based competition wheel manufacturer, has acquired two more units on the unique and ecologically sustainable Sherwood Energy Village as part of its expansion programme to satisfy the demand for their new range of race wheels. Following a successful exhibition of their wheels at Autosport International, the manufacturer has had to cope with increasing demand.

“Our wheels are all specially designed to be fit for purpose, using the most advanced computer programmes including FEA and FEM. Manufacturing is equally sophisticated, using modern flow-forming casting techniques to give a precisely balanced and durable wheel,” said Managing Director Warren McKiernan.

The wheels receive a finishing touch where the offset is machined, so that they suit each vehicle requirement, making it ma product that is not only technically advanced but is also craftsman finished.

“With our building footprint now effectively increased threefold, we will soon be able to offer a vastly reduced turnaround time for our wheels – down to 3-5 days – in addition to improving our storage facility, giving a greater choice of wheel designs and sizes,” added McKiernan.

Revolution Wheels has a history dating back over 50 years, having has supplied many famous motorsport competitors throughout the years. They are now certainly not resting on their laurels and, for their many dealers and distributors, as well as the end user competitor, this expansion is the beginning of the next stage in the carefully planned evolution of the company.