The groupage and pharma transport specialist Ray Moran International Transport has announced that since the addition of 10 Krone trailers to its fleet, it has been capable of easier loading and extra capacity.

“We started with one Krone trailer to see how things were” says Ray Moran, “and soon realised that the combination of build quality and loading flexibility were good reasons to add some more. Accordingly, we now have one Cool Liner ‘Duoplex’ refrigerated trailer, 4 Dry Liner box trailers and 5 Profi Liner curtainsiders. All of which come into their own for specific aspects of our operation.”

The Cool Liner is fitted with Krone’s new ISOWALL moveable bulkhead, which makes it an ideal solution for mixed temperature loads. It is fitted with a newly designed balancer system and a locking lever positioned at the top of the bulkhead to make it easy to open, close, and side along the trailer. Additionally, due to the vertical movement when opening and closing, no extra components are required for vacuum ventilation.

According to Ray Moran, when the ISOWALL is in use it can be “positioned hard-up against the load for added security and better use of load space”.

The Dry Liners have a slim, 100 mm neck that allows additional load volume and a total height of 4,000 mm, with an internal height of 2,615 mm. They are designed for both the UK and the European markets.

“These box trailers are lighter and give us greater internal height” adds Ray. “34 Europallets is no problem and the strong construction is an asset when transporting high value and sensitive loads.”

“For fast and flexible loading” continues Ray, “the Profi Liners are built for the job. Easy to open and close and with the strapping points all the way along each side rave, we can position mixed loads securely anywhere along the trailer bed. Also, the drivers can get to the straps from the inside, which is a plus for comfort and safety.”