Procurement & Supply Chain Specialists Most Likely To Take Work Home

Professionals working in procurement and supply chain are most prone to taking assignments home or working on their days off, a new study has shown.

The Robert Walters Career Lifestyle Survey 2014 also reveals that 41% of this group regularly works overtime on a majority of weekdays, significantly more than in IT (23%), financial services (30%) or accountancy (34%).

Procurement & supply chain specialists are among the hardest working professionals, with more than four in ten regularly taking work home or coming into their office at weekends. The same applies to only a fifth of those in marketing, 31% in HR and 34% in legal.

As a result of this, the vast majority – 90% – feel their work contributes directly to the success of the business.

Moreover, the survey reveals that the main reasons for leaving a job are non-financial. Three in ten procurement & supply chain specialists would seek a new role for lack of career progression opportunities or an unsupportive boss, with poor company culture contributing to 23% of departures.

Only 13% would leave because of a disappointing salary review.

Furthermore, when questioned about career satisfaction, more than half of procurement & supply chain professionals rank work-life balance or interest in the work as ‘very important,’ with just 38% rating pay & benefits at the same level.

By comparison, remuneration is graded as ‘very important’ to 63% of professionals in financial services, 60% in sales and 56% in legal.

James Franklin, Manager of Procurement & Supply Chain Recruitment at Robert Walters, says:
“Longer working hours reflect the increased importance of supply chain & procurement functions to the wider business, particularly in sectors where cost-cutting and efficiency measures continue to set the agenda. A widespread trend for working later into the evening or at weekends is also stark testament to the commitment and work ethic of those that the profession typically attracts.

“Yet for many, a healthy work-life balance contributes significantly to career fulfilment, as do prospects for moving up the career ladder. Procurement & supply chain specialists also value challenging or interesting workloads, a key consideration for any employers looking to attract high quality talent into their business.”