Portland Provides Fleets With Fixed Price Fuel Card Offer

Fixing the purchase price of diesel at the pump, has traditionally been the domain of the very largest car or van fleets.  However with a new fixed price fuel card now available from specialist oil trading company, Portland, small to medium sized companies can enjoy the same comprehensive benefits, including accessing their fixed price fuel anywhere in the UK.

Unlike regular fuel cards, which just help improve fuel cost administration, Portland’s expertise enables customers to agree one price for diesel no matter where they may operate in the UK.   This price – which is based on the week’s national average retail price – is then fixed for a period of up to 52 weeks.

Flexibility is guaranteed with no limit on the minimum or maximum number of vehicles covered and thanks to the option to fix for anywhere between one and 52 weeks (or even longer if preferred).

James Spencer, managing director of Portland commented; “For many of our customers, fuel is the single biggest cost to their business.  Prices at the pump have increased by 50% in the last five years and while government are making some efforts to slow this trend down it’s unlikely it will ever be reversed.  This not only puts pressure on operating budgets, but also makes accurately quoting for future work problematic.”

Administration is simple, with a weekly itemised fuel bill and online account management facility for customers to access their data in real time.  The Portland card also guarantees customers complete transparency as there are no transactional charges, thus removing any concerns over hidden costs.

Mr Spencer concluded: “Being able to fix costs on fuel brings peace of mind to management, while staff can enjoy the benefits of a fuel card without having to worry about getting the best price when out on the road.”

The Portland fixed price fuel card is available to use at 1,500 sites across the UK via the UK Fuels Network, including all branches of Morrisons and Tesco.