Polymer Logistics opened its newest washing facility in Coventry that features five loading bays. It provides washing, inspection and repair services for pallets and containers manufactured by Polymer Logistics as well as those produced by other suppliers.

The new wash plant is part of the company’s growth plans, which now follows every aspect of the logistics cycle to provide a comprehensive container management service to customers.

Being situated in the Midlands provides a convenient base to serve the washing needs of UK and international customers, as well as supporting existing and new Polymer Logistics clients in sectors including produce, meat, grocery, bakery and e-commerce.

“Our new wash plant in Coventry builds on our capability to address every aspect of reusable plastic pallet and container management. Its central location, flexibility to handle multiple types of containers, and capacity for increased throughput provide the wash services needed as Polymer Logistics continues to grow,” said Steve Raybould, business unit manager for washing and services at Polymer Logistics.

Due to its design, trays, folding bins and other containers can all be washed on the same machine. In addition, it has the capability to run 24/7, has an output capacity of 35 million trays annually and it is currently operating 16 hours daily plus Saturday morning as demand continues to grow.

The wash line features pre-wash, hot wash, high pressure wash, hot rinse and drying operations to ensure a high-quality service. Wash water is reused and cleaned to reduce environmental impact and cost. In addition to providing leading edge washing capabilities, the location also provides reusable packaging inspection and repair. And while the wash line was specifically designed to process plastic products from Polymer Logistics, it can easily handle other containers as well.

Other sustainability features of the plant include solar power generation to help reduce its energy requirements, as well as grey water capture from the roof to provide water for WC flush and other needs.