Pan-European logistics provider P&O Ferrymasters has launched a major overhaul of its market-leading Irish division – featuring a high-tech fleet renewal programme and closer integration with the group’s Contract Logistics division.
As part of a massive 48-month fleet upgrade across the company, the Irish division has taken delivery of 150 new trailers over the past month in the first phase of a project to renew the entire Irish fleet by 2017.
All the trailers are being supplied with telematics systems to enhance operational flexibility and versatility. The telematics facility enables real-time track & trace monitoring through dedicated customer web portals linked to a Transport Management System (TMS) developed in-house by P&O Ferrymasters.
The TMS allows orders to flow from receipt to carrier allocation without human intervention, leaving operational personnel free to focus on exceptions in the day-to-day supply chain. The system underpins the company’s ongoing investment in a network of IT tools that ensure full transparency, speed, efficiency and security in exchanging information between P&O Ferrymasters and its customers – notably through Full Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) with the customer’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.
Meanwhile, alongside the IT and fleet renewal initiatives, P&O Ferrymasters is implementing a far-reaching structural re-organisation to create greater synergy between the Irish and Contract Logistics divisions. Sales and business development activities are being integrated in a move that also makes the company’s logistics engineering and consultancy departments more accessible to the Irish business.
P&O Ferrymasters Contract Logistics director Mark Mulder notes: “This decision will reinforce our success on those contracts already jointly managed and executed within the UK and Ireland. In addition, further synergies will be explored to extend the benefits of our combined asset and 4PL solution for transport, warehousing and cross-docking requirements in this market.
“With all these measures, we continue to recognise that our customers are not simply looking for a product – they need tailor-made solutions to drive efficiencies and optimise the supply chain.”