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Peacock Salt Launches UK’s First Free New Winter Maintenance App

With winter upon us, UK Salt specialists – Peacock Salt – have launched the first free App created specifically for the winter maintenance industry.

The App, which is available from the App Store for Android and IoS mobile phones, can be downloaded now and is the must-have App for all sizes of winter maintenance operations.  Just search for ‘Peacock Salt’ to download, or visit the website, and you’re on the road to a hassle free winter.

The App has a variety of features which will be of use for businesses and public sector organisations seeking to manage their business during cold, frosty and snowy conditions, helping to maximise their performance at challenging times.

Features of the App include:

–          It calculates the area which requires de-icing

–          It recommends the type of salt spreader required, ensuring best winter practice

–          Provides reliable Met Office weather forecasts to aid planning

–          Recommends how much salt to use

–          Can calculate the area of a path

–          Alerts users to weather in their area with recommended actions

–          Can provide customised alerts for each user

Peacock Salt was founded in 1874 and they are experts in salt product sourcing, shipping, warehousing and national logistics. The business has an unsurpassed knowledge of winter salt spreader technology for seasonal maintenance from road salt gritters to hand spreaders, including the latest GPS technology for monitoring highway de-icing.

Gregorie Marshall, Managing Director of Peacock Salt, said: “Our aim is to make winter easier for organisations and we hope that our new App, which is the first of its kind in the UK, will become indispensable in the colder months.  We’ve been helping businesses manage their operations in challenging wintry conditions for years and the App takes things a step further – it will aid planning and provide accurate information to ultimately deal with a situation in a way that makes good business sense.  We’ve used all of our knowledge and expertise in the design of the App to ensure that it’s easy to use, provides accurate and reliable information and advice, and becomes the must-have App for all those involved in winter maintenance.”