Pall-Ex has made a new step towards achieving its long-standing pan-European vision by significantly investing in new sector-first software that aims to transform intercontinental palletised haulage and accelerate its International growth strategy. Nexus is a mechanism that streamlines cross-partner communication and traceability, acting as a bridge between all domestic transport management systems across Europe.

“The need to develop innovative, advanced technological solutions to meet increasing customer expectations and allow for effective cross-border consignments whilst maintaining an element of simplicity for users is the real driving-force behind the development of Nexus,” said Kevin Buchanan, Group managing director.

Nexus is a one-stop-shop solution to cater for the needs of UK members, Group customers, and European Partners alike. Its key benefits include the enhancement of the network’s International freight capability with multi-lingual and multi-currency Pall-Ex Connect options, and effortless booking processes for domestic and global freight.

“The enhanced booking process reduces the risk of human error and the back-and-forth for correct information, particularly when it comes to addresses for consignments destined outside of the UK; with a comprehensive European address book integrated into the system, along with a requirement for all export and import information to be submitted upon booking,” explained Kevin.

Nexus is easy to use and Pall-Ex Group’s network members can now download international compliant labels, create a standardised delivery note and input, track and invoice the movement of domestic and cross-border freight. Moreover, the software acts as a quoting tool with an international freight manager on-hand to provide a bespoke solution, allowing for greater support of each member’s growing European business.

By launching Nexus, Pall-Ex is starting its 2018 expansion plans, following a number of recent successes, such as a new major partnership with Staples Solutions and becoming the first pallet network to be awarded ISO 9001: 2015 standard for quality across its entire UK network.