A new smartphone app launched by Ogilvie Fleet has been designed to help fleet managers and drivers overcome often contentious end-of-contract damage charges on company vehicles. APPraisal by Ogilvie Fleet builds on the independent vehicle leasing and fleet management company’s long established total transparency policy.

The new app aims to save fleet managers and drivers time and avoid unnecessary end-of-contract damage costs by fully assessing a vehicle prior to its return at the end of a lease. It streamlines the end of contract process and informs customers well ahead of industry timescales on the expected return condition of vehicles via a straightforward step-by-step process.

“Ogilvie Fleet will be sharing the submissions with clients and advising the best course of action in each case where damage is identified – whether to return the vehicle in current condition or arrange for damage to be repaired before defleet. This gives fleet managers complete visibility of remotely operated vehicles and enables time before the collection to make the choice of action required, if any. APPraisal was designed specifically to give customers more visibility and more choice in respect of damage-related decisions,” explained Ogilvie Fleet remarketing manager Karl Ward, who has overseen development of the app over the past 12 months.

On the return of a vehicle, the app will also remind operators of commonly forgotten items, such as spare keys, locking wheel nuts, electric vehicle power cables, satellite navigation disc/SD card, handbook pack, spare wheel, parcel shelf and service documentation.

“APPraisal gives fleets a tool to compile a vehicle condition report ahead of defleet and to discuss any damage with the company so there are no nasty bill surprises,” said Ward. “We want customers to have a pleasurable experience when they lease vehicles from Ogilvie Fleet and not for it to be tainted by a battle over end-of-contract charges.”

APPraisal by Ogilvie Fleet is available on Android and iOS devices and it can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play.