Northgate Vehicle Hire Offers Top Tips To Keep Safe On The Roads During Bad Weather

As the cold weather, snow and ice set in, the UK’s leader in flexible vehicle hire, Northgate Vehicle Hire, has teamed up with the Freight Transport Association’s scheme, Van Excellence, to provide drivers with a set of best practice tips when planning a journey in winter weather conditions:

Clear your vehicle

Clear any snow and ice from your vehicle before you set off! Snow from the roof of the vehicle falling onto the windscreen or behind you whilst driving is something hazardous that we often forget about.

Stock up on essentials

Try to keep warm clothing, water and some food in the vehicle in case you become stranded or break down in the bad weather. Situations with a lengthy wait to be rescued can become dangerous if you’re unprepared.

Stick to main roads

Primary routes are more likely to have been cleared or gritted, it’s best to avoid country roads and residential streets if possible as these can be unsafe.

Check travel updates

Local traffic reports will be your best friend in bad weather. It can be worth checking known accident hotspots online too before setting off.

Avoid steep hills

Sharp inclines are dangerous obstacles in poor weather. Snow and ice especially increase the danger of getting stuck or even rolling backwards. If you can’t avoid the hill, wait until the vehicle in front has made it to give yourself a clear and safe run.

Leave extra time

Set off in plenty of time to allow yourself to travel at safe speeds. With traffic moving a lot slower and delays more likely in bad weather, it’s best to leave as much time as possible to avoid becoming careless when in a rush.

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