B&B Attachments the UK’s leading supplier of forklift truck attachments, has joined forces with its German partner KAUP to design the new Keg Clamp 2T415BKN forklift attachment.

KAUP and B&B Attachments have worked in partnership for over 35 years, providing solutions to material handling assignments on a global scale. Their latest innovation is the new Keg Clamp attachment, which has been developed to improve performance, visibility and safety when handling kegs and casks without pallets.

The new Keg Clamp attachment offers improved features, which include an increased load stabilizer opening range from 295 to 2195mm. The construction width has been reduced from 1100 to 900mm, making it ideal for use on narrow trucks, as well as preventing damage when working in compact areas. The Keg Clamp’s stronger frame design includes increased overlaps between arm carrier and frame which makes the attachment more durable. It also has added replaceable wear strips to the underside of the frame, this prevents costly repair bills as the user now needs to simply replace the wear strip as and when required.

The additional option of adding rubber inserts to the outer tines allows for safer operation and increases productivity when handling kegs and stacks, which may include a variety of mixed keg types. The rubber insert grips the lower kegs and prevents slippage or loss of irregular kegs from the stack.

The new Keg Clamp attachment with its excellent visibility, fast operation and even more durable construction is now in use in the UK’s major breweries and logistics companies.

Established over 35 Years ago, B&B Attachments Ltd offers the largest range of products from a single source. With customers throughout the UK and Europe, B&B continues to build on its reputation for offering the most comprehensive aftercare service available in the attachment field.