Four new MAN 8×4 TGS 35.420 BB tippers, equipped with the 12.4-litre straight-six engines producing 420hp and 2.24m wide M cabs, have been acquired by Mone Bros in an expansion attempt. This is the company’s latest MAN addition to the fleet since it moved to the marque in September 2018.

Bodied by West Yorkshire based L Townend, the MAN tippers are equipped with a Governor body made of steel with a 5mm Hardox floor, 4mm Hardox sides, 2.5m mild steel outer skin, Hardox top rails and tail door with HARSH HFT149 front end tipping gear.

Other additions made by Mone Bros include a TGS 35.420 tipper grab, and two TGS 35.420 chassis currently awaiting to be bodied with L Townend. Two more TGS 8×4 chassis are due to arrive later this year.

“Our fleet carries out an extremely demanding range of duties which means we require our vehicles to be robust and built to the very highest standards. When working on major construction, demolition and site clearance projects you simply can’t afford to have a weak link,” said Phil Mone, director at Mone Bros.

“The introduction of our new MAN tippers represents a major step in our fleet expansion and renewal programme. This investment will help us to further reduce our environmental impact, boost our fleet efficiency, grow our service levels and allow us to meet increasing demands,” Phil added.

The units will move soil and demolition waste for customers as well as delivering natural stone, aggregate materials, recycled type 1 and top soil throughout Yorkshire, as well as to Birmingham, Bristol and even into London, where Mone Bros recently supplied grit stone for the Blackfriars bridge and station renovation project.