Microlise, the telematics platform provider, is providing support to fleet operators in attaining and maintaining Bronze, Silver and Gold accreditation with the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS).

As well as providing support with the use of Telematics, Microlise offers a number other products that help meet the requirements to achieve all three FORS standards. They include remote training featuring the Microlise Knowledge Portal, Document and Workshop Management modules, and the Microlise DriveTab, a ruggedised tablet device designed specifically for transport operators.

Matt Hague, Executive Director – Product Strategy, of Microlise, said: “Whilst many operators will accept that we can provide support, and possibly already do, in achieving FORS accreditation with the Microlise Fleet Performance and Journey Management products, they might not realise that we can offer so much more through standard solutions, and can therefore partner them all the way through to achieving their FORS gold standard.”

The Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) is a vehicle operator accreditation scheme that aims to improve fleet efficiency, safety and environmental performance. It was started in London in 2008, but in early 2015 it was announced that the scheme would be available nationally, being run by AECOM and partner organisations including The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT).

More than 210,000 vehicles from 2,400 companies are now FORS accredited. Each level of accreditation comprises various requirements relating to subjects including driver training, risk management, vehicle safety features, operations management and planning, and the use of Telematics.

In addition to Microlise Telematics, the Microlise Document Management module offers the solution to five Bronze level requirements, including equipment inspection and maintenance plan, daily walkaround checks, insurance and VED management, and incident recording and analysis. The same module also provides fines management – a requirement for FORS Silver standard.

Microlise’s Knowledge Portal also provides solutions to requirements in all three standards, including progressive training, which can be done and analysed remotely, and is a Gold standard requirement. The Bronze and Silver standards of progressive training – delivery and recording – are met, as is the Bronze standard for risk assessment and management.

Hague commented: “The great thing about the Knowledge Portal is that customers can add in and manage their own or third party content, which can be deployed to staff. Customers can create and manage their own training packages and campaigns, with all management and driver interaction and course progression recorded in the system for FORS compliance reporting.

“Our Document Database allows any electronic document to be added, or a paper one scanned, and everything is indexed and managed. Documents are linked to vehicles, drivers, cases and also managed via a calendar and schedule, such that document life-spans and renewals can be easily managed and alerts set up.”

A number of upcoming Microlise product developments will further support FORS accreditation in the future, as the scheme is rolled out nationally.