Michelin solution will supply, fit and manage the tyre across Europe’s leading cardboard and paper recycler, DS Smith, 191 strong commercial vehicle recycling fleet on a three year contract. The new EFFITIRES™ agreement sees Michelin solutions expand its remit with DS Smith to include 100% of its vehicle parc, adding the recycling fleet to the 378 trucks and trailers already under contract from the firm’s logistics and corrugated packaging operations.

“As a business, we want to be more connected. We already enjoy an excellent long-term relationship with Michelin solutions through our other divisions, and after seeing how well the EFFITIRES™ contract worked for them, we decided to introduce the service to our recycling business,” said Kate Dally, General Manager, Business Improvement at DS Smith.

“The level of professionalism from Michelin solutions is second to none and we have been really impressed with our Key Account Manager – his tyre management expertise adds real value to our business. Our fleet can be on the road up to six days a week, and most of the time we’re operating fully loaded, so fitting a premium brand like Michelin also makes perfect sense. Plus the pence-per-kilometre structure of the deal means our costs directly match our activity levels,” she added.

DS Smith benefits from regular inspections as part of the Michelin contract to ensure its tyres are being managed in an efficient way. The inspections are carried out by nationwide supplier ATS Euromaster, with a KPI to ensure at least 70% of the fleet is inspected every month, and 100% every quarter.

Moreover, Michelin will replace the fleet’s existing tyres as wear dictates. The contract also includes emergency roadside assistance in the event of a tyre-related breakdown, with Michelin solutions targeted with getting a technician to the roadside with the correct replacement tyre within a 90-minute window from receipt of the call.

DS Smith operates in over 37 countries and employs around 27,000 people. Using the combined expertise of its four divisions – Packaging, Recycling, Paper and Plastics – it works with customers to deliver solutions that reduce complexity and delivers results throughout the Supply Cycle