Specialist firm Force One selects MAN TGS 26.480 as base for suction excavator.

Pat Burke, managing director of Force One, based in March, Cambridgeshire, explained: “Force One has operated within the utilities industry as a sub-contractor since 2004 and has established a reputation for a willingness to adopt new technologies.

“We were one of the first companies in the country to invest in ‘Safe Dig Technology’ or suction excavation and we had hired an excavator on a MAN chassis.

“The feedback from the drivers was very positive. They loved the drive compared to our existing machines, and they reported that it was comfortable and that is very important as the vehicles work all over Europe and are often travelling long distances.

“When we started compiling the spec for our latest machine we knew that we had to invite MAN to the process, the involvement of their knowledgeable sales staff has made the whole process straightforward and has helped us.”

The repair and maintenance contracts also attracted Pat to the deal: “The contract helped convince us we were making the right choice, after all, who better to look after an MAN than MAN?”

Having finalised the spec of the vehicle Force One also opted for finance with MAN Finance.

Pat added: “It’s early days yet, but everything so far points to this relationship continuing and growing. The funding process was so straightforward it was the obvious way to go and the competitive rates made it an easy decision.

“Early feedback from the truck bears out our optimism for the product, the driver loves it and it is a real head turner.”

Alan Clark, MAN sales executive, added: “It has been a pleasure doing business with Force One and I am delighted that we have been able to provide such a complete and competitive package and we look forward to working with Force One in the future.”