Aberdeen – based I & L Burnett Ltd buys limited edition 100-year truck from MAN Truck & Bus UK to boost fleet.

General haulier Ian Burnett has taken delivery of the special edition 100-year truck and is looking forward to putting it through its paces.

“MAN, as far as I am concerned, took an unfair knock over the Euro 5s but the Euro 6 resolves all of that.

“MAN has taken stock of the challenges, resolved them and moved on. I am a big fan of the brand,” he said.

“I used to be a mechanic with ScotMAN Diesel back in the 80s, under Bill Rennie in Aberdeen. After starting our own business in 1987 we’ve had several used MAN 331s F90s and F2000s. We took our first new MAN lorry a Euro3 TGA in 2001, which is still on the road today, and we have since added Euro4s and Euro5s and Euro6 all 440s and now we have taken delivery of the Special edition 100-year Euro6 480.

“It is the first 480 we are running, new to the fleet, which makes it 10 out of 10 MAN, and it is something we are really looking forward to trying out and putting through its paces.

“We are a husband and wife concern, operating local and long distance and our team of drivers are real industry professionals, experienced lorry drivers with a passion for their jobs and they like driving the MANs.”

Regional sales manager for MAN, Roger Turnbull, added: “MAN Truck & Bus UK appreciates hauliers such as I & L Burnett for their custom, loyalty and faith in the brand.

“The Euro 6 100-year truck will surely be a valuable addition to the fleet and I am confident Ian will find it a successful part of his fleet.”