Commenting on the release today of July’s RPI figure – 1 per cent – which is used by government to set the increase to regulated rail fares, Edward Welsh from the Rail Delivery Group, representing train operators and Network Rail, said:

“Next January’s change in regulated fares will be the smallest for six years, in line with July’s low inflation rate.

“The railway is a vital public service, underpinning economic growth and attracting more passengers every year. In one of the biggest investment programmes in rail’s history, government is spending billions of pounds on more trains, improved stations and better services.

“We understand that people don’t like to pay more to travel to work. But more than 97p in every pound spent on fares goes on trains, staff and other day-to-day running costs, helping to sustain the government’s massive rail investment programme.

“The rail industry will continue working to get the most out of every pound we spend and to attract more passengers to deliver a more cost efficient railway.”