Logistics Learning Alliance Targets Military Personnel With Exclusive IoSCM Programme

Logistics Learning Alliance (LLA), one of the UK’s leading logistics and supply chain management training companies, has launched an exclusive new Institute of Supply Chain Management (IoSCM) Level 4 Certificate in managing logistics operations aimed at developing the skills of junior armed forces personnel.

Designed primarily as a stepping-stone to a ‘top-up’ Foundation Degree in Logistics with the University of Lincoln for members of the Royal Navy, British Army and Royal Air Force, with the rank of corporal or below, the programme is also available to the wider public. It focuses on providing essential leadership and management skills, combined with the study of specialist areas common to all logistics operations.

The course involves a total of 320 guided learning hours, split equally across four mandatory units – Introduction to Logistics and Supply Chain Management; Managing People; Teamwork and Motivation; and Continuous Improvement. These four elements provide a solid career foundation for developing an understanding of the industry requirements and offer a recognised qualification.

The IoSCM Level 4 Certificate is studied through supported distance learning, enabling students to study anywhere in the world and in their own time. Participants are assigned a qualified tutor to guide them throughout the programme and ensure successful completion. The course does not require sitting any examinations but involves a unique process of continuous assessment.

Peter Jones, managing director at LLA, said: “As employers across the supply chain are increasingly looking to recruit staff with leadership and management skills, the new Level 4 Certificate provides essential knowledge and skills to enhance an individual’s career prospects.

“The course has been targeted at service people to start with and delivers the development tools as an in-road to a foundation degree. However, it also provides an introduction for individuals from any business or organisation that want to develop a career in the logistics industry.”

All IoSCM qualifications are recognised and approved by the highest UK government educational bodies and delivered in line with UK standards for quality and excellence. The latest course is part of a suite of training modules and innovative programmes offered by LLA for individuals, businesses and humanitarian organisations looking to develop knowledge and understanding of the supply chain and its component activities.