The logistics industry is split on whether or not Britain should remain as part of the European Referendum, according to the latest IMHX Business Survey.

The results show that most respondents would prefer to stay in the EU as it would provide a more favourable outcome for the companies that they work for.

In contrast, when the respondents were asked what their personal view was on the EU referendum, a minor majority of 47% supported Brexit, whereas 45% voted to stay in the EU.

The survey also highlighted the main issues that logistics industry workers were most concerned about, with the main one being border control and immigration (60%).

Other concerns included the protection and stability of the UK’s economy (46%) and the ability of UK companies to continue trading with organisations across the EU (37%).

Respondents who were in favour of leaving the EU were found to be the ones most likely to be primarily concerned with border control and immigration, with less importance placed on the economy.

Whereas the respondents who would prefer the UK to stay in the EU feel that the key issues are trading across the EU and the economy.

39%, the largest proportion, feel that leaving the EU would have no impact on the growth of UK businesses, but when asked specifically about UK logistics businesses, 38% fear that a negative impact would occur if Britain were to leave the EU.

The data showed ranging views on the issues of bureaucracy and red tape as 38% believe that Brexit would result in an increase due to the complex nature of new overseas trading arrangements away from the EU.

Meanwhile, slightly more than half (53%) of respondents believe that a Brexit would not result in a change to the health and safety regulations, with a third anticipating a decrease in the number of regulations.