A new underbody lightning system is in use at M Group Services Plant & Fleet Solutions, the specialist utility services provider. The system illuminates when reversing to maintain safety during vehicle manoeuvring and to ensure compliance with REG 23 and REG 48, the European directives which specify the intensity and positioning of vehicle manoeuvring lights.

BM3 Banksman R23 was designed by Labcraft and takes its name from the European regulation RED 23, which stipulates that the light colour must be white, must not exceed an intensity of 500 cd (Candela) and should come under an intensity of 0.5 cd in the field of view where the light must not be seen.

“This is all about safety” said Jeremy Harrison Executive Director for M Group Services Plant & Fleet Solutions. “Many of our vehicles operate in confined spaces during the hours of darkness and so it makes perfect sense to fit a lighting system which ensures they can see and be seen at all times – especially when reversing. The Labcraft Banksman makes this possible and is now specified for all HGVs on our vehicle fleet.”

This underbody lightning system is the first to be launched in Europe, enabling OEMs and fleet operators to comply with Regulation 48 and to satisfy its three key criteria: The light must automatically switch on when the vehicle is put into reverse gear; It must switch off above 10 km/h in forward gear and must not be visible on a plane 10m from the vehicle.

“The Banksman is a manoeuvring light which delivers bright white light to the sides of any vehicle where conventional reversing lights cannot cover. LEDS are fitted around the chassis to direct pure bright light downwards, thereby helping to reduce accidents and improve overall safety. Furthermore, repair costs and insurance premiums are likely to be reduced,” explained Nick Luscombe, Managing Director for Labcraft.

Labcraft LED lighting are industry leaders in the field of Commercial Vehicle lighting, designing and manufacturing a range of high quality LED lighting products with distinctive design features. Supported by their market leading 10-year warranty, Labcraft lighting solutions have proven to improve safety and reduce lifetime costs.