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Jungheinrich Forklift Is Star Of The Gadget Show

A Jungheinrich TFG 430S gas-powered counterbalanced truck was the star of a recent episode of Channel 5’s popular consumer technology programme, The Gadget Show.

In an item broadcast early in March, one of the show’s presenters – Ortis Deley – took on strongman Dave Meer in a series of strength tests.

However, while Dave relied on his considerable muscle power and brute force, Ortis was able to call upon some of the latest industrial technology to help make the contest a more even one.

For one of the events – the ‘tyre toss’ – Dave had to lift and throw as many industrial tyres weighing 8kg each over a bar set at 15ft high within a minute. He managed an impressive total of 24.

But, Dave’s powerful effort was no match for Ortis and the Jungheinrich truck!

Using the Jungheinrich T430S  – which was fitted a special clamp attachment – Ortis was able to lift and drop 25 tyres over the 15ft barrier within the allotted time to eclipse Dave’s score by one.

“The 6-7 minute feature was a light-hearted and entertaining look at how technology has advanced and we were delighted to help presenter, Ortis Deley, in his challenge,” says Craig Johnson, Jungheinrich UK Ltd’s marketing manager.

As well as providing the truck, personnel from Jungheinrich’s specialist forklift operator training team gave Ortis an intensive course in forklift operation so that, when the time came for his challenge, he was well prepared to lift the cumbersome load of tyres up and over the 15ft high barrier and release them as required safely and within the time-frame allowed.