IVECO’s supply of five Stralis NP trucks to VERBIO Logistik GmbH marks an important achievement for the company: the 1,000th Stralis NP delivered. The vehicles will run on biomethane generated from straw, which is a significant step towards CO2 neutral transport in heavy goods vehicles. With this purchase, VERBIO is launching Germany’s first CO2 neutral heavy transport fleet.

“VERBIO is a key customer for us in the area of alternative traction with natural gas, because their fuel comes from a renewable source. We strongly believe that biogas is the new hydrogen! VERBIO’s choice of the Stralis NP for their fleet clearly shows that, with biogas, heavy transport can be carbon-neutral and profitable today,” said Pierre Lahutte, IVECO Brand President.

VERBIO has picked out the 400 hp mono-fuel CNG version so that it matched the five IVECO trucks. This configuration has a range of up to 570 km, with two fuel tanks containing 920 litres of CNG or biomethane. The Stralis NP vehicles are equipped with high-performance hydraulics that make it possible to integrate them into an existing trailer fleet using only moving floor technology. They also have the advantage of being extremely quiet, with a noise level of 50% lower than the diesel.

The fleet of 80 trucks already has 12 dual-fuel vehicles powered by diesel and CNG/biomethane and now with the acquisition of the five IVECOs it will become even more CO2 and cost efficient. “IVECO is providing a powerful machine that meets our requirements for heavy bulk goods transport not just in terms of climate protection, but also with regards to feasibility and profitability,” said Bernd Sauter, COO of Procurement and Logistics at VERBIO.
The new Stralis NP can compete with its diesel equivalents on performance and costs, but it delivers the most sustainable performance in the market. It is the first natural gas truck designed for long-haul operations and the only one that can deliver the comfort, power rating, transmission technology, and fuel autonomy that suit long-distance haulage missions.