The UK’s most eagerly-anticipated natural has truck – IVECO Stralis NP 460 6×2 tractor unit – has been launched. Designed to be the most sustainable heavy truck for 44-tonne operation, the new Stralis is the first three-axle tractor to operate on 100% liquefied natural gas (LNG) and has been engineered in both right hand and left hand drive variants.

“This is a really exciting launch for IVECO and marks the moment natural gas moves into mainstream UK volume in a big way. What began as a niche fuel now offers fleets the widest range of opportunities for the future and we’re absolutely committed to helping operators begin the technology transfer from diesel to gas,” said Stuart Webster, IVECO UK & Ireland Business Director.

Named Low Carbon Truck of the Year at the Commercial Fleet Awards 2017, the existing 4×2 Stralis NP range offers a choice of 400hp and 460hp engine, 25 of which are already in operation in the UK and more than 1,000 across Europe.

The Stralis NP 460 6×2 runs exclusively on LNG from tanks mounted either side of the chassis, for a range of approximately 750 km, making it perfect for applications where vehicles operate on a ‘same day out and back’ operation. “Customers tell us that vehicle range will be key to winning their orders, and we’re confident that our pure LNG solution will deliver the optimum mileage for a 6×2 gas-powered tractor,” said Webster.

Sitting at the heart of the new vehicle is the 12.9 litre IVECO Cursor 13 NP single-fuel engine, offering the perfect blend of power and performance for the majority of UK-based applications. The vehicle also features IVECO’s latest generation 12-speed Hi-Tronix automated transmission which further improves on the EuroTronic’s excellent driving comfort and performance, whilst adding new functions such as the GPS-based Hi-Cruise predictive cruise control and gear-shifting.

Moreover, the Stralis NP maximises the environmental advantages of natural gas, regarded as the most eco-friendly fuel for internal combustion engines.Its proven technology delivers a 99% reduction of PM and 60%  in NOx compared to Euro VI limits, helping to significantly improve air quality. It also offers fleets the potential to reduce CO2 emissions by up to 95% when running on liquefied bio-methane (LBM).

The Stralis NP 460 6×2 is available to order from dealers nationwide with immediate effect, with the first demonstrators expected to commence trials with UK fleets during October 2018.