Increased workforce, On-Foot deliveries, Traffic Updates And More Tours For Glasgow

Yodel announces Commonwealth Games contingency plans.

As the countdown to the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow continues, Yodel, the UK’s leading independent parcel carrier, is unveiling plans to keep its performance as strong as the athletes.  This comes at a time when 75 per cent of Glaswegians say they’re concerned about increased traffic as a result of the event.

With a month of road restrictions in the run up to and during the events, Yodel has drawn on its successful operation during the Olympics, and set up a dedicated Commonwealth Games delivery team to keep its service running smoothly. The team has liaised closely with all the relevant authorities and organisers of the event in order to assess their transport plans and the potential impact on Yodel’s operation.

Yodel has mapped a complete route network of the Games, highlighting the affected postcodes and developed a strategy to provide its retail clients and their customers with the best possible service in the run up to and during the event.

The plan covers deliveries and collections to and from the areas around the 14 venues and athletes’ village. It includes earlier trunking times, additional workforce to unload and load vehicles, on-foot deliveries to areas where roads are closed, additional tours and the introduction of driver’s mates to assist where parking is restricted and on-foot deliveries are required.

The contingency operation is being managed from Yodel’s Commonwealth Games Headquarters at its Glasgow service centre on the Bellshill Industrial Estate. The workforce received training on the plan last month, elements of which came into force last Wednesday (2 July), to coincide with the start of the road restrictions.

During the key period between the Games’ opening and closing ceremonies (23 July – 3 August) Yodel will be providing clients with daily updates on service, traffic congestion and postcode hot spots as well as keeping end-consumers informed of the status of their delivery via proactive delivery alerts and additional customer service operatives.

Dick Stead, executive chairman of Yodel said: “The summer is a key time for our retail clients, with seasonal sales creating spikes in orders. In addition, shoppers excitedly order items for time-sensitive events such as holidays and summer parties. It’s therefore vital that we have contingency plans in place to keep everyone informed. We are confident that our strategy and partnership working with clients will ensure that we are able to keep our promises, and keep their shoppers satisfied.”