Van drivers have been given advice on how to reduce emissions and their impact on the environment. The motoring experts at have put together tips for keeping emissions down without having to splash out on a new vehicle.

Among the advice is to drive slowly and with more care, keep trips to a minimum and your vehicle well maintained. The experts also suggest switching to a greener vehicle if you can and to look into any grants and incentives available.

A spokesperson for said: “Reducing emissions is important, particularly for van drivers who can clock up thousands of miles over a year, but simply switching to an electric vehicle isn’t financially viable. Instead there are other changes you can make to reduce fuel consumption and emissions so your vehicle is as green as it can be. These are changes anyone can make like keeping an eye on your speed, planning your trips so you don’t need to drive as often, watching how much weight you carry in the back of your van and keeping it well maintained.”

Here are’s tips for more environmentally friendly driving:

Drive less

Driving less means less harmful emissions. Think about the journeys you have to make and plan them so you’re not doing the same route time and time again. Once the engine is warm it will operate at its most efficient. It may mean some serious organisational skills but it will be worth it.

Drive slowly

Driving too quickly means using a lot of fuel. Keep acceleration gentle and drive in the highest possible gear for your vehicle. This will keep fuel consumption – and emissions – down.

Maintain your vehicle

A well-maintained vehicle will mean less fuel consumption. Make sure you carry out the basic checks regularly.

Watch your weight

The more you transport in your van, the heavier it is and the more fuel it uses. If you don’t need a heavy item, store it somewhere safe and avoid taking it when you don’t need to. Carrying items on the roof will increase fuel consumption too due to wind resistance.

Check emissions

Smaller engines generally produce less CO2 but always compare if you’re leasing or buying a petrol can as they can vary.

Go electric

If you can afford the initial outlay, thing about swapping your van to an electric one. In the long term it could save you a few pounds and its better for the environment. Check out any grant or discount available for buying an electric vehicle.