In order to extend its services further into the steel transport sector, Helsby and Longden, one of Cheshire’s leading transport, distribution and warehousing companies, has invested in six Krone Coil Liners. The company’s business model is based on providing flexibility, as well as safe and secure handling, and ‘hands-on’ customer care.

“Flexibility is key to providing an efficient transport service,” explained General Manager Simon Keane. “That’s why we specified these Coli Liners. Not only can we increase our presence in key steel areas such as Deeside, Liverpool and Ellesmere Port, but also, we can use the same trailers to carry mixed loads, groupage and low-hazard goods.”

The Coli Liners are equipped with Krone’s Multi Lock load securing system that features up to 130 strapping points along each side rave, enabling mixed loads to be safely secured at any point along the trailer. Moreover, the straps can be accessed from inside as well as outside the curtain, making it a plus point for driver safety and comfort during loading and unloading.

“Versatility is what it’s all about” added Simon, “and with the loading capability of these trailers we can diversify into a wide range of industry sectors. Coil Carriers one minute and general haulage the next – which adds up to maximum utilisation and a fast ROI. Basically, they tick all the boxes. Excellent for our customers and a sound investment for our business.”

Established in 1926, Helsby and Longden operate a fleet of heavy goods vehicles, supported by warehousing, maintenance, admin and logistics services. The company also provides freight-forwarding, pallet distribution and self-storage.