H Parkinson Haulage has just acquired its first IVECO vehicles which will be used on high mileage contracts. The seven Stralis NP 4×2 tractor units are expected to cover more than 350,000 km every year each. They were supplied by Walton Summit Truck Centre and are the newest addition to the group’s 95-strong fleet.

The natural gas powered vehicles, which include four ex-demonstrators and three brand new factory orders, were selected after a trial that included two manufacturers. The Stralis NP AS440S40T/P, which benefits from IVECO’s flagship long-distance Hi-Way cab, received approval due to having a more powerful engine than its competitors, plus quietness in operation.

“These vehicles will be doing nearly a quarter of a million miles a year each – so it was vital for us and our customers to reduce the environmental impact,” said Steve Sugden, General Manager of H Parkinson Haulage. “Currently, for a CNG vehicle, no one has a better offering than IVECO, and with the seven Stralis NPs, coupled with our longer semi-trailers (LSTs), we’ve worked out we can reduce our CO2 emissions by a massive 1,750 tonnes every year.”

Another important factor in H Parkinson Haulage’s decision was the customer’s proximity to CNG Fuel’s compressed biomethane filling station in Leyland. According to a research by Cadent Gas conducted in 2017, there has been an 84% drop in carbon dioxide emissions from HGVs using the UK’s first gas filling station connected to a high-pressure pipeline.

“If these vehicles perform well, and with IVECO being the most advanced manufacturer in the alternative fuel sector, then we will consider adding more Stralis NPs to our fleet in the future,” added Steve.

IVECO’s Stralis NP is powered by a Cursor 9 Euro VI natural gas engine which delivers the same output of 400 hp and 1,700 Nm torque as its diesel equivalent, resulting in an excellent power-to-weight ratio, power density and quietness of operation. Additionally, IVECO also offers a 460hp natural gas engine for operators requiring extra power.