Goodyear has signed a series of tyre agreements with transport firms, including a deal to fit and supply more than 150 SJ Bargh vehicles with Kmax tyres and the Omnitrac range, after 40 years with a leading competitor.

The Cumbria-based milk and general haulage specialist has taken a price per km (PPK) contract with Goodyear, designed to allow the business to manage its tyre investment.

The partnership includes dedicated support from fleet management service TruckForce. Steve Thompson, general manager of fleet services at SJ Bargh, said: “We were impressed with the Goodyear Kmax and Omnitrac products and the team’s flexible approach to our requirements. We needed a strong performing tyre on mileage and fuel efficiency, coupled with a robust service package. Even in the first month we have seen savings as a result of switching to Goodyear and the PPK model.”

Greenergy Flexigrid, the fuel haulage service firm in the Greenergy Group, has also signed a deal with Goodyear that will see the company fit its 100-plus vehicles with the tyre supplier’s Fuelmax commercial tyre.

Andy Darling, business development manager at Greenergy Flexigrid, said: “The reason we went out to the market was because we felt our previous product and service package wasn’t delivering sufficient value to our business. Goodyear had the most competitive offer, in terms of driving cost out of our business through a fuel-efficient tyre, and dedicated service support to improve overall tyre management.”

In addition, Penrith, Cumbria-based Dent Logistics has signed a five-year deal with Goodyear that will see it commit exclusively to the manufacturer as well as use TruckForce. The deal will see Dent Logistics fit the longevity-focused Kmax and on- and off-road Omnitrac.