LEADING fuel card provider Fuelmate has had a lot of positive feedback and uptake to the Fleetmate deal it launched earlier in the year. The flexible Fuel card package is designed to save fleet operators money without changing their drivers’ routines.

Fleetmate, created by Hull business Fuelmate Ltd, allows fleet operators to pay one price at the pumps regardless of the fuel brand they are using or where they are in the country.

The concept allows users to access to more than 7,000 UK Fuels, Keyfuels sites, BP, Shell, Esso and Texaco sites across the UK.

As part of the Fleetmate deal, Fuelmate will also carry out a free fuel-use analysis for all potential customers to tailor a package closely to their drivers’ existing requirements and fuel routines.

According to Andy Smith, manager at Fuelmate, customers will pay the same, single price when using the branded cards at fixed price sites.

Mr Smith said: “We had been looking for a way of enabling customers to pay a single price for fuel for while, and the Fleetmate deal which we launched earlier in the year seems to have been very well received by customers who have switched to it.

“Fleetmate covers most sites in the UK, so it is an ideal solution for operators looking for comprehensive coverage throughout the country.”

Mr Smith added that one thing many fleet operators worry about most when changing fuel cards is drivers having to change their fuelling routines, meaning they drive further to fill up.

But he added that in the vast majority of cases, because or Fleetmate’s extensive forecourt coverage, driver routines would remain unaffected, this is also the feedback we’ve received from our customers on the Fleetmate deal.

He said: “Fuelmate Ltd is in a fairly privileged position in the market place as we are a family business able to supply all of the major cards. I’m not sure there are any other companies in the UK that can provide what we do as our ethos is to innovate and find new solutions that make life easier for our customers.

“As such, we are one of the very few providing solutions such as the Fleetmate deal.”

Fuelmate Ltd is part of the J.R. Rix & Sons group of companies – a 140 year old family-owned firm based in Hull.

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