Fleet Service Great Britain (FSGB) has launched some new technology-based features designed to save customers time and money in managing their company car and commercial vehicle operations. These IT initiatives include: Event Scheduler, Bespoke Categorisation, Proactive Service, Maintenance and Repair, and Rental Check Sheets.

“FSGB’s IT solutions come from working hand-in- hand with customers and listening to the issues and problems that they face on a daily basis. Using the experience and knowledge of our employees gained over many years of working in the fleet management sector we can identify, develop and deliver solutions,” said Marcus Bray, FSGB’s Head of Sales.

Event Scheduler was developed in partnership with customer Stannah and it assists with reducing vehicle off-road time and aids vehicle disposal planning. It provides a graphic view of vehicles with intervals due by month and looks to forecast events based on time/mileage. Future events are analysed to see if they can be merged into a single same day job, which avoids additional costs or a clash in the schedule.

Bespoke Categorisation allows customers to easily identify all vehicles by spreading them into categories based on their own requirements, while Proactive Service, Maintenance and Repair (SMR) assists customers and their company car and commercial vehicle drivers in complying with critically important manufacturer service schedules and MoT demands.

An enhancement to FSGB’s Driver App is Rental Check Sheets, which enables the completion of a check sheet for any vehicle hired to a driver. It alerts the driver to write the Rental Check Sheet at the start and end of the booking and it provides information and queries vehicle condition.

“FSGB works on the frontline with customers – effectively as an extension of their own in-house fleet team. Very few companies listen to their customers and then deliver what is requested. FSGB is using technology to make life easier for client,” said Marcus.