A new, one-day fleet management training course has been developed by the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS), specifically designed for managers responsible for fleets that do not require an Operator Licence, such as car and van fleets.

Developed to assist fleet managers and supervisory staff with their professional development, the FORS Professional Car and Van Fleet Management Essentials course, offered to members at a discounted rate, aims to equip delegates with the knowledge and skills they need to meet the mandatory training requirement at FORS Bronze.

“This is the first standalone fleet management course for car and van fleets to fully align the full spectrum of fleet management good practice with the requirements of the FORS Standard,” said FORS’ manager Sonia Hayward.

Part of the course is an overview of good fleet management principles and the FORS Standard for non-Operator Licence FORS operators, offered alongside existing Fleet Management Essentials training. Course attendees will learn how to effectively manage their fleet operations,including how to manage driver proficiency, competence, conduct and behaviour, as well as how to organise driver time in order to comply with working time laws.

Delegates will understand which requirements are needed to meet construction and use regulations, including the correct load or passenger limit, and develop their knowledge of traffic enforcement bodies and legal compliance system.

“Professional development is key to best practice whether you run a fleet of vans or cars, or a more regulated vocational fleet such as HGVs and PCVs, so I am confident that our members will welcome the addition of this course to help them meet the requirements of the FORS Standard,” concluded Sonia.