Fleet accident management operations are in an ongoing struggle to overcome hurdles in legislative and even commercial change. New investment and partnerships seek to tackle issues such a shifts of supply and demand, part discounts and the supply issues currently causing issues for those in the industry.

Proposals by companies such as IFS (Inchcape Fleet Services) set to start a trend in outsourcing incident management.  IFS have signed a partnership deal with FMG to change the way the company evaluates best practice.

The commercial director at IFS, Matt Rumble stated that an area of focus for the company was incident management and that marketplace. He asserted that the company are constantly evaluating their areas of best practice in vehicle funding and management.

IFS has stated its increasing interest in the area and the environment changing at a substantial rate, accident management operation are trying to tackle obstacles in legislation. The commercial changes, repair capacity constraints and changes in needs for supply and demand.

IFS implemented an external and internal review in an aim to identify the ultimate incident management solution for the future.

The lead company FMG is providing a new approach with its next generation operating systems and new web interface. The FMG uses Ingenium-I as its key operating system.

Around 30,000 in the fleet under the incident management contract with be outsourced to incident management specialists combining the strengths and benefits of working in partnerships that uphold the interests of the company’s needs.

The company has invested into a self service solution which is operates by the Inchcape specialist team, seeking to minimise the delays, costs and downtimes and aiming to achieve a high level of control.

FMG’s owns an extensive quality accredited repair and solution network which ensures the coverage and capacity across the UK.