Fleet software company FleetCheck has recorded its 10,000th vehicle integration with real-time car and van tracking specialist Quartix this week. Quartix joined the FleetCheck Partner Programme six years ago and the two companies have since worked together on projects covering more than 130 different fleets.

“Quartix have been one of the most successful members of our Partner Programme and we are very pleased to reach the 10,000 vehicle milestone with them. High quality telematics data can prove essential when developing strategies to drive down fleet costs, improve safety and enhance operational efficiency, and the fleet projects that we have worked on together have been very successful,” said Peter Golding, managing director at FleetCheck.

Typically, Quartix telematics data is imported into FleetCheck software, where it is used to track vehicle location but also mileage, driver behaviour and other key variables.

“We are very proud to have achieved this joint milestone, which is testament to the way both Quartix and FleetCheck are able to meet the demanding needs of UK fleets. This partnership is a great example of the huge benefits to be gained for fleets with the vital integration of core telematics services and fleet management software,” added Sofie Westlake, head of marketing at Quartix.

Currently, there are more than 40 different companies and organisations taking part in the FleetCheck Partner Programme, ranging from telematics companies such as Quartix to fuel card providers and breakdown recovery to leasing specialists.

Peter explained that, since the very earliest days of FleetCheck, the company had sought out expert partners in the fleet sector with which to work.

“The purpose of our partnerships vary from company to company but essentially we help them complement and enhance the service they provide to their customers while, at the same time, applying lessons we learn from them to our own clients.

“Sometimes these relationships are commercial – we may provide fleet software to a partner’s customers or they offer products and services to ours – but at other times, they are very much based on sharing ideas and best practice. Each is different.”

He added that he was always keen to talk to companies that wished to become part of the Partner Programme.