Goodyear´s fuel-efficient truck tyre range, FUELMAX, has been tested by German fleet Spedition Bartkowiak under practical conditions.  The results of the extensive tyre comparison test by the Hildesheim-based transport company clearly prove the fuel saving potential of FUELMAX tyres: Compared to fuel-efficient truck tyres of another premium brand, Goodyear FUELMAX truck tyres saved up to 1.6 litres per 100 kilometres.  Based on these results, Goodyear FUELMAX tyres are now playing a critical role in the fleet’s project to reduce overall fuel consumption to 20 litres per 100 kilometres or less by 2020.  Goodyear will work in partnership with Spedition Bartkowiak in this project called ’20-20-20’.

Spedition Bartkowiak has employed consulting firm hi-consulting to implement the ‘20-20-20’ project.  This involves equipping a truck and trailer combination with fuel consumption reducing measures to cut overall consumption to no more than 20 litres per 100 kilometres.

“During our intensive comparative tyre test, 320,000 km were covered on public roads by different drivers using serial Goodyear FUELMAX and another premium brand of ‘eco tyres’.  On the three vehicles used, FUELMAX tyres recorded fuel consumption savings of 1.2, 1.5 and 1.6 litres/100 kilometres compared with the other tyres,” explained Andreas Manke, consultant at hi-consulting and fleet manager of Spedition Bartkowiak.  “These are enormous savings. Due to this clear result, we are currently equipping the entire Bartkowiak fleet progressively with FUELMAX tyres.  We are also running the ‘20-20-20’ tests exclusively on FUELMAX tyres with Goodyear KMAX tyres on the trailer lift axle.”

Evidence of FUELMAX’s outstanding fuel efficiency

“The findings from the initial comparative tyre test confirm the outstanding fuel saving potential of our FUELMAX tyres and we are certain that our support will help Spedition Bartkowiak and hi-consulting achieve their goals in the ‘20-20-20’ project”, says Benjamin Willot, marketing director, Commercial Tyres Goodyear Europe, Middle East and Africa.  “We are very pleased to be working in partnership with Spedition Bartkowiak and hi-consulting on this project.”

FUELMAX can save Bartkowiak up to 57,000 euros per year

“Fuel is the greatest variable cost factor for transport companies and continues to be the key challenge.  Fuel currently represents just under 30 percent of Bartkowiak’s total costs – even with temporarily lower crude oil prices.  Any measure that reduces fuel consumption saves money, so fuel-efficient tyres such as FUELMAX have a quick pay back,” explained Andreas Manke.  hi-consulting has worked with Spedition Bartkowiak since 2009 and has reduced average fleet consumption by around 20 per cent – thanks partly to using Goodyear FUELMAX truck tyres. Andreas Manke continued, “For example; a reduction in fuel consumption of 1.2 litres per 100 kilometres across Spedition Bartkowiak’s fleet of 38 tractors, which cover about 3.8 million kilometres per year, would save 45,600 litres per year.  With diesel at 1.25 euros per litre, this means annual savings of 57,000 euros, equivalent to the cost of two trailers.”

About Goodyear FUELMAX

FUELMAX is Goodyear’s most fuel-efficient range of truck tyres.  The FUELMAX family comprises FUELMAX S steer axle tyres, FUELMAX D drive axle tyres and FUELMAX T trailer tyres.  Low rolling resistance is the most important benefit without loss in other key performance areas such as mileage or wet braking performance.  FUELMAX D drive axle tyres meet both the M+S and the 3-Peak-Mountain-Snow-Flake symbol winter tyre requirements, making it a true all-season tyres.

About the vehicles used in the 20-20-20 Project





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