Energi Mine and Electra Commercial Vehicles have announced a partnership that will deliver a rewards programme, based on the Ethereum ERC-20 standard, which financially incentivises the conversion of ‘dirty’ heavy goods vehicles to zero-emission electric vehicles (EVs) that operate within urban environments.

Electra Commercial Vehicles is a UK company that aims to provide commercial vehicle operators with clean, zero-emission solutions for heavy goods trucks; therefore it works with a range of organisations across the country to convert heavy goods vehicles to zero emission, 100% EVs.

More than 40 towns and cities in the UK, according to a World Health Organisation report, have exceeded air pollution limits. “Through this partnership with Energi Mine, we aim to increase the pace of change by financially rewarding that change. The companies we work with are already very excited about the rewards programme being part of the change programme. This is just phase one of a game-changing partnership,” said Sid Sadique, chairman of Electra Commercial Vehicles.

The partnership will also see Energi Mine provide its blockchain reward platform to those working with Electra Commercial Vehicles to convert heavy goods vehicles to EVs. The blockchain rewards platform issues EnergiToken’s (ETKs) that can be saved up by the organisation and distributed as a company benefit to reward company-wide energy saving behaviour. The EnergiToken has inherent value and can be used for things such as settling personal energy bills, paying for access to EV charging stations or cashed out via an exchange into fiat currency.

“If legislation isn’t enough, EnergiToken will provide an added financial incentive for wider energy saving behaviour. At Energi Mine, we strongly believe that rewards need to be financially motivated before behaviour change occurs. We are excited by our partnership with Electra Commercial Vehicles and look forward to seeing the impact of our combined goals on energy saving behaviour,” commented Omar Rahim, CEO and founder of Enrgi Mine.