Delivery and logistics companies created thousands of jobs this year to deal with the ongoing growth in the e-commerce market, according to The Wall Street Journal.

In a world where consumers want their orders faster and faster, and more people are ordering online rather than shopping on the high street, the logistics industry has been pushed to adapt. The demand has led to an increase in jobs across all sectors including trucking, warehousing and courier services.

A 2015 survey delivered by Deloitte revealed that 92% of US consumers considered ‘fast shipping’ to be within 2 days of purchase and no later. The amount of people who considered fast shipping to be within 3-4 days dropped considerably to 63% and any time after that showed a significant decrease.

Logistics and Delivery firms added thousands of jobs during July, with warehouse companies topping employment rates with 2600 jobs added in total last month.

This growth in employment in warehousing will make it quicker and easier for e-tailors to send out orders to e-commerce customers.

Warehouse availability in the US decreased once more this year, for the 25th year consecutively. Retailers are actively seeking out potential new leases as they desperately try to cope with the demand to store more and more products. At the present time, retailers are leasing warehouses quicker than developers are building them. Although employing more staff may help on a temporary basis, it would appear that investment needs to be driven into building more warehouse facilities.

Jobs were also added in both trucking and courier services in an aim to grow the volume of orders being transported and in order to distribute delivery duties to a larger number of employees covering localised areas. The parcel delivery industry is also booming thanks to the large increase in online shopping.