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Dunlop Launches New SP 344* 17.5” Truck Steer Tyre

Increased fleet efficiency in regional haul applications thanks to improved robustness and good mileage

Dunlop is renewing its SP 344 regional haul steer tyre range in 17.5 inch rim sizes with the introduction of the new SP 344*. The latest generation of the successful SP 344 series is specifically designed to suit today’s demanding delivery and regional haul service requirements.  The main benefit of the new SP 344* is increased robustness combined with good mileage, even wear, excellent handling and wet braking performance.

The SP 344* features a new tread compound, which provides increased robustness and better wet grip compared to its predecessor.  Combined with the robust carcass construction, the new Dunlop SP 344* increases fleet efficiency in regional haul service conditions.

“The new Dunlop SP 344* in 17.5” is aimed at fleets engaged in distribution and regional operations,” said Marc Preedy, Goodyear Dunlop UK Commercial Director. “For this type of operation good mileage, even wear and robustness are vital for efficiency. So we focused on these performance criteria when we developed the new SP 344* to make sure the tyre delivers especially in these areas. We are convinced that the new Dunlop SP 344* with its improved performance will continue the successful history of the SP 344 series.”

The main features and benefits include the new compound.  The compound gives improved robustness which is key for delivery and regional haul service applications and a better wet grip performance.  In addition it improves the resistance of groove cracks.  The blade and groove density of the successful tread pattern provide wet skid resistance.  The five rib design and closed shoulder ribs provide in combination with the new tread compound a good mileage, good handling and even wear.  Another tread feature is the special groove shape, which has proven its stone rejection capabilities.

The new Dunlop SP 344* steer tyres will be available from December 2014 in sizes 245/70R17.5 136/134M TL and 265/70R17.5 139/136M TL. In terms of EU tyre label ratings, both tyres are rated B for wet grip with D for fuel efficiency.  External noise grades are 71 dB and two waves for the 245/70R17.5 and the 265/70R17.5 139/136M is labelled 73 dB and two waves.